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Total Bohemian
23 Jun 2017

This week we check in with the bigman.

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15 Jun 2017

The reports of our return are greatly exaggerated, but they are indeed true. A special phone call, a musical journey, and plenty of fuckups. The moose out front should have told you.

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Purchased Memories
30 May 2017

The end is nigh, but first Matt must dance and shag on the boulevard.

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Haunted By A Futureghost
24 May 2017

it happens again.

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Never Better Then Late
17 May 2017

Sorry for the delay. The show is frustratingly typical, and that's an improvement. Food, interruptions, and the general behavior of slovens.

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The Predictable Surprise
01 May 2017

They say it's your ________________. Well it's my ________________ too.

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Mr Sad Bar
26 Apr 2017

Mr Sad Bar isn't proud of how bitter it tastes. It was just made that way.

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Simplicity Seems Seldomly Seen
17 Apr 2017

Lots of good news today. Politics, work, and lots of pops and clicks infecting the audio of the master copy. As always: SORRY.

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Scheduly Regular
11 Apr 2017

I'll write a description later. This is like the other shows but better. Mirth, merriment, and dysfunction.

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Regretfully Yours Part 2
05 Apr 2017

There are so many guest appearances on today's podcast that the count is equal to the number 2. We do our best to do video game and tech talk. As usual, it gets away from me and boy I sure am whiny. I am, in fact, sorry for posting this podcast. I didn't want to.

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well that figures
29 Mar 2017

Sorry, I blew it and uploaded the wrong mp3. Sorry. Sorry about the confusion last week (and now this week). I deleted it but did not cover my tracks well. We try to quickly explain it. Then Ryan deposits some farts in my couch and leaves apruptly. It startled me, and so I accidently end without finishing the comments. Sorry.

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Conflating The Flavors
13 Mar 2017

There's an entire four-course platter to enjoy on today's program! Be sure to cleanse your palate. Ryan continues moving toward Austin with all of the grace of a fifteen-year-old jackrabbitting his way to a learner's permit. And somehow that's only half of what was scheduled for today's overstuffed podcast.

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Running Out Of Time
06 Mar 2017

This week's episode was built for sharing. Time is short, and that's the long of it.

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01 Mar 2017

Strange smells and hanging out in your sleep. Electrified comments and the textin' Texan. Unclear notes and unclear signals. It's a 20 minute show packed into 1 hour.

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Decadant Peasantry
20 Feb 2017

The same old problems in a new year, but at least we are able to keep our blood sugar up.

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3 Hour Tour
14 Feb 2017

A soft open for an impotent show. Speaking of love, we do our best to dissect that strange emotion. It ends like any other good love story: with confusion and despair. Please enjoy an extra two hours in this weeks program to make up for our tardiness.

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